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Re: throttle cable

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Sorry Nick,

It's just a matter of checking your throttle cable for stretch.   I deleted
the original post, so I can't give credit... but I had the same problem he
did - the pedal floored did not open the secondary all the way and did not
activate the wide open throttle switch.  So my floored pedal now gives a
little more zip - but not really for free.  Burns more gas!

not driving a honda.  don't care what features they have.  not interested at
all in them.  lawnmower?
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Date: Sunday, 04-Aug-96 09:21 PM

From: Nicholas Menaker         \ CompuServe:  (72074,2716)
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Subject: throttle cable

What is this throttle cable adjustment that people are talking about?
FREE power?
Was there a detail in the archives?
Nick out

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