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RE: Audi Quattro emblems

Hi Graydon,

	You wrote the other day:

>I did at least remove the "5000 CS" so 
>it only says "Audi" on the left and "Quattro" on the right.  This looks 
>a little more up to date, but I think the chrome pieces would look nice.  
>I noticed them on Jeff Goggin's 200TQ Tuesday.

Well, my question to you, or anyone else who is certain of the procedure, is
how does one go about removing these emblems without damaging their nice
clearcoated paint. I remember R+R'ing the BMW emblem from the monoposto seat on
my '77 R100RS after the sun had destroyed it; I used a hairblower, but I really
sweated bubbling the nice flat silver paint. It worked out OK, but that was a
round metal emblem I could direct the heat at, not plastic alpha/numerics.
Also, is there an accepted procedure for removing those cheap dealer rub-on
label they like to stick on truck lids? Oh, after you removed your 5000 CS
emblems was there any problem with paint fade or seeing a "ghost" image of the
ol' 5000 CS??



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