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Re: Tires for sale

hey! hey!
  I am the tire switching guy you mentioned....I Bought a set of 205-55/16
P7000's for my A4.  Absolutely worth the money.  The P7000 grips better,
doesn't squeal like a pig when you turn the wheel and most of all.....they
look cool.
   I paid $750 installed for the set out here in CA (some chintzy place on
Stevens Creek for those SJ locals).   The sad part is, I only put just over
1000 miles on them before I switched to "17 inch rims.  I am running a set of
Sp8000's right now.  They too are an excellent tire.
    I sold my tires to Steve on the list here.  I am sure he has a few
comments since he mounted them on his car.  Thats about it....
     bon voyage
        '96 A4q