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Save Yo Cash!

The so called performance gains from the improved flow TB are minimal
even at high rpm. UNLESS- you do other performance mods such a port and
polish, big valves, schrick cam, 2.5 exaust etc.. etc..
Now a company called "Velocity" sells a simular TB and claim 12-16% 
improvement in flow. Thats because an increase of the main butterfly
of 4mm. Who's got a spare flow bench lying around!!  I did a bit of 
"smoothing" on my TB, flowed the thing and got about 8% improvement
in flow on the bench. nothing noticable on the "seat of the pants scale.
How did Hans Stuck put it "popo"??
As for replacement mufflers, get a few quotes from local shops to put in
a Ultra Flow or Techtonics stainless muffler on your original pipes,if 
their still in good shape!  I got tired of paying someone else bucks
to do my work, so I took up welding. My custom 2.5 stainless exaust
on me Coupe is still rumblin after 3 years. Shop around, you should be 
able to find a reasonable quote.