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Re: Deceleration valve

At 04:57 PM 8/5/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>through a little further investigation on my part of the problem I have
>with the 200 dying on deceleration, I have found out that it might be
>the "deceleration valve" (I was told this by a dealer mechanic). Does
>anybody know what it does, where it is, how I can possibly test it and
>if it can be replaced as an individual part? (Whew.)

You can replace it in 5 minutes if yer hands are small enough. Its on the
back side of yer airbox. The microswitch on yer throttle operates it. When
the throttle closes it bypasses air to allow the sensor plate to fall,
closing off fuel flow. When the ECU sense 1200 RPM, it restores power to the
valve, or cuts it off, not sure which (probly the latter come to think of
it...), allowing the sensor plate to rise to the correct idle position. I
can hear mine open and shut if I listen closely while playing with the
throttle. Gotta get that ear real close to the fuel distrib though...
Doubt this is yer problem. ISV or hose.
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