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Re: Spotted....who?

Ti Kan wrote:
> Alex Kowalski writes:
> > It wasn't a V8.  At least not through my eyes (took them out and cleaned
> > them and everything...quite a feat while you're driving!)  The car was
> > smaller and less aggressive than the V8,
> Less aggresive, maybe.  Smaller?  The V8 is the same size as the
> 5000/100/200 cars.  Based on the same chassis and rides on the same
> wheelbase...
> -Ti
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I thought I said..."Through My Eyes".  I didn't have the opportunity to 
take a tape measure to the car.  Maybe there are some other differences 
in the external body panels of the V8 that could give this impression?  I 
don't think Audi just slapped the V8 together from 100/200/5000 parts 
without changing the sheetmetal to achieve some effect.  As proof, I 
will tell you that the Mercedes 500E (with the honkin' huge-V8) was built 
on the 300-series chassis. Almost no body panel on the car was left 
unchanged in the conversion.  You'll never mistake the two for each other 
on the road. One is much more visually imposing than the other, not by 

Maybe you should take a good look at the two body styles of the Audis 
some time and give me your aesthetic judgment.  Why would they do such a 
thing as to create a flagship with no distinction in its styling 

I saw what I saw, and it wasn't a V8.  It <seemed> smaller, OK?

Best Wishes,

Alex Kowalski
'84 4KQ