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Re: New A4-based S4

On 5 Aug 1996, Calvin Cheng wrote:

> >hmm, the power output seems to be dropping everyday.. first we have 
> >it reported as 280+ bhp, then 265 bhp and now 240 bhp.... maybe the 
> >v6 has trouble handling the power... 
> OTOH, with 240hp, it looks like this will finally make it on American shores - 
> witness the 245hp M3, 250hp Volvo 850R, and possible 250hp versions of the 
> Saab 900 Turbo and Ford Contour. Given how conservatively the 1.8T is run, I 
> won't be surprised if the run the V6 with very conservative turbo boost level 
> on this one. 
> Besides, if they actually produce a 280hp car, I doubt it'll be shipped 
> stateside (just look at the M3).

there are some differences here.  the euro (and canadian!) M3 has a
super expensive engine.  americans being the cheapskates that they are
indicated through marketing surveys that such a car wouldn't sell.  so
BMW basically put a stroked version of their 2.5 liter 6 and made an
american M3.  bang for the buck, to hell with purity....  :)

as for the A4 based S4, there's no indication at this point that
there's a special engine in the works and a cheapie for the americans.
if it's just a boost reduction that they're making specially for the
US, it is not going to save them or us any money.  besides a specially
detuned american twin-turbo is much easier to make right than replacing
an enlarged 325i engine with a BMW motorsports special.

maybe the insurance companies are rearing their ugly heads in this one...

ned ritchie also said that the a4 1.8 will require more than a chip and
(and/or spring) to get hyper performance.  he said that the exhaust was too