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Re: Spotted....who?

Alex Kowalski writes:
> Ti Kan wrote:
> > Less aggresive, maybe.  Smaller?  The V8 is the same size as the
> > 5000/100/200 cars.  Based on the same chassis and rides on the same
> > wheelbase...
> I thought I said..."Through My Eyes".  I didn't have the opportunity to 
> take a tape measure to the car.  Maybe there are some other differences 
> in the external body panels of the V8 that could give this impression?  I 
> don't think Audi just slapped the V8 together from 100/200/5000 parts 
> without changing the sheetmetal to achieve some effect.

Of course they have different body sheet metal.  I know that quite well.
The V8 shares only the roof panel and trunk lid with the 5000/100/200 cars.
All other exterior sheet metal parts are different.  Different hood, fenders,
doors, rear quarter panels and bumpers.  However, with the exception of
the hood, the other differences are subtle, more in the flares and trims.
Even the tail lights are different on the V8 -- it's the turbo-style
lens that runs all the way across, but it's all red.  No amber section.
Perhaps the "new" corporate nose with the formal grille makes the V8
look larger to some, I dunno.  I never thought that the V8 looked larger
than a 100 because I know it isn't.

> Maybe you should take a good look at the two body styles of the Audis 
> some time and give me your aesthetic judgment.  Why would they do such a 
> thing as to create a flagship with no distinction in its styling 
> impression? 

I have taken more than many good looks at any Audi that I can
lay my eyes on :-).  As many Audi nuts on this list, I am quite
familiar with these finer points of the Audi model lineup.

> I saw what I saw, and it wasn't a V8.  It <seemed> smaller, OK?

Not arguing with you.  You saw what you saw.  But, if it's not a V8,
and if it looks smaller than a 100, then the only other choice of a
4-door Audi with the 4-ring logo in the middle of the trunk lid would
be the 80/90.  We all know that the 80/90 is *a lot* smaller...

Another conjecture is that what you saw was an Audi S4.  It has
the 4-ring logo on the trunk lid, but no other badges except a
small "Audi sport S4" parallelogram logo on the right side.
The S4 is based on the "new" (92 and later) 100 body which to some
eyes look smaller than the previous-generation 5000/100/200 bodies
(although it is really not smaller).

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