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Re: HELP replacing rear speakers 89tq

Hairy green toads from Mars made Robert D. Russell say:

>         89 200 tq,with stock audi radio and speakers(no bose). Went into the
> trunk to see how easy it would be to up-grade my current speaks. only to
> find about 10 wires attached to each speak.    NOT like the simple 2 wire
> system found in my 84 5k.  
>         QUESTION What the hell are all these wires and does anyone reccomend
> a replacement.

Assuming you have the same setup as my '89 100Q, the rear speakers
are amplified. Those wires are the control signals and amplifier inputs
to the amp/speaker sets.

There are two ways to go about this:

	1) keep the amplfiers intact (may need to remove them from
the old speakers) and run their output wires to the new speakers.

	2) ditch everything and find the two wires in the bundle that
are the output. You can read this on the back of the radio - everything's

I went with option #1 when I replaced the head unit; left the amps
in place and ran the new head unit to them with a matching transformer.


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