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Re: A4 dashboard detail

    Greg Spark> Does anyone know what the perforated panel about 3x1/2 inch
    Greg Spark> between the Aircon panel and radio in the A4 is for?

    ScharfR> It's the climate control's interior temperature sensor.

When I took delivery (10 days ago) on my A4, the dealer told me it was the
ambient noise sensor for the radio's GALA system.  Even though this is the
same guy that told me the fuse box was under the hood, I'm inclined to
believe him on this one, since I don't think the holes are big enough to
get enough air through for it to be climate control's cabin temp sensor.

The temp sensors on my SAAB and my wife's Eagle have lots of space for air
to flow through, and they both still get dusty.  I think these pinholes
would clog up on the A4.


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