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5000 trip computer retrofit?

Hi Knowledgeable Audi congescenti,

I saw a nice clean trip computer and switch assembly on a 5000 CS at the
local furrin' parts place. Pulled the windwo regulator I needed and played
with the unpowered trip computer on the Audi.

Could I retrofit the trip computer in my 87 5000s? Without having to add
exhaust pyrometer and manifold vacuum sender, 20Valve head etc, etc.

Could someone please tell me it's a straight drop into my rattling dash by
getting the switch assembly and the tach.

Thankyou kindly.

I sat in the ripped to all hell alcantara sport seats. Real nice and comfy.
Good thigh bolster. Not like my barcoloungers.

Let me know if anyone needs a spare rear window defroster switch. I'll go
Ohm it out if anyone needs it. As I'm sure rear window demisting is in
every one's minds in this weather.