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Re: New A4-based S4

>as for the A4 based S4, there's no indication at this point that 
>there's a special engine in the works and a cheapie for the americans. 
>if it's just a boost reduction that they're making specially for the 
>US, it is not going to save them or us any money.  besides a specially 
>detuned american twin-turbo is much easier to make right than replacing 
>an enlarged 325i engine with a BMW motorsports special. 
Well, that's what I'm trying to say. Instead of requiring twin-turbos, they 
may be able to get away with a single turbo (ie. 1.8T). They also don't have 
to deal with a freer air intake (not sure if a variable intake system would 
help a forced induction engine) and freer exhausts (and with it the California 
emission control requirements). 
>maybe the insurance companies are rearing their ugly heads in this one... 
Besides insurance, a car like that would also have a wider market appeal. It 
will sacrifice some top end performance, but will still have plenty of low end 
power. Indeed the American M3 is so successful primarily because of its price. 
I'm just wondering why they don't bother to have this 'detuned' version 
available in Europe as a cheaper alternative to the 'real' M3. Moreover, as I 
mentioned, the 240hp output is quite in line with the offerings from the 
Let's just wait for more details.