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Re: Q90 revs up

On Tue, 6 Aug 1996, Mehul Dholakia wrote:

> Hi.
> I just bought a 1988 Quattro 90 (5spd) w/ 92K on it. I really like the car
> but am dissatisfied with one thing : It revs up very quickly in the lower 
> gears (upto 3). Is this normal for the Q90 or is there something wrong 
> with it ? Is there anything I can do about it ? Also would revving the 
> engine close to the redmark harm the engine ?
> Thanx for all the help
> Mehul
You might try and find out when the last time the O2 sensor was changed.
I've been told every 60K.  I have 142K on mine and it surges.  You may
need a tune up, which is every 15K.  Don't get ripped off.  To do a tune
up, since it has electronic ignition, all you need to do is change the
cap, rotor, plugs, and I would upgrade to a K&N air filter.  Up to redline
should be fine on most cars, but past it.... I don't think so!

Nathan Belo
'88 90Q