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For Sale, 15" TSW EVO's with DUNLOP

I hope this is the right place for a post.  IF not, please direct me to the
right area.

I have for sale,
Set of TSW EVO's, in 15"  These are the 4 x 108 bolt pattern, they are currently
on a 4000CSQ 86' model year, I am sure that they will fit other AUDIS.  They
look great on the car.

The are about three months old, wheels are of course in excellent condition,
tires have about 1500 miles on them.  (been out of the country for two months.)
The tires are DUNLOP D40M2 in 205/55/15.

I love the tires and wheels and am going to buy another set except in 16".  Same
wheel, same tire.

Original price, three months ago was 1350.00, mounted and balanced.

I am looking for 1000.00, and I will deliver them anywhere in the states., with
the exception of HAWAII (I have done this before, and it is not pretty)

Direct interests and offers to above address

Nick out