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K&N for 200q

Does anybody know if K&N has an application for the 3B (20v Turbo)
engine in the 91 200q?

Imparts doesn't carry one... I guess this is another caveat there:
Imparts lists blanket applications for some of their products, i.e.
"5000,100,200 1978-9" - well, guess what? There were at least 3
different engines in that time span (MC, NF and 3B). Duh! Anyway, be
very, very specific with them when requesting parts like that. On the
good side, their Mahle filters seem to be just fine. I don't know if
it'll fit yet, but I just got one today and there's no thick, irregular
black paint and stenciled "Audi" on it, so I'm hopeful.


peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa