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Re: New A4-based S4

In a message dated 96-08-06 14:44:52 EDT, peterhe@microsoft.com (Peter
Henriksen) writes:

<< I believe the Euro and Canadian M3 engine can't run with US fuel.
 Something about an additive that eats up the cylinder lining or some
 such thing. >>

The problem BMW is having with U.S. fuel is cylinder wall deterioration as it
relates to the aluminum blocks they use in the rest of the world on the new
328/528 engines.  BMW's process for producing a wear-resistent aluminum bore
(no iron sleeves on these engines) is highly susceptible to damage from fuels
with a high sulfur content. There are some corrosive combustion byproducts
that apparently cause very short engine life.  Other manufacturers who use
liner-less aluminum blocks (Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche ...) also use a
different process than BMW, and do not have the problems that affects BMW's
unique process.

In case you wondered why the Bimers in the U.S. and Canada stayed with iron
blocks when they went with aluminum in the rest of the world, it has to do
with the high sulfur fuel that is comonly used here.