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Re: Fast and efficient

Alan Cordeiro wrote:
> At 06:54 PM 5/22/96 -0700, you wrote:
> >
> >If somebody in the US introduced a new economy car with a good diesel
> >engine, I would buy it...
> >Alex Kowalski,
> >'84 4KQ
> >
> Check out the VW Golf(??) TDI, reasonably priced, quite peppy
> EXCELLENT fuel economy.
> Also, FYI, the design team that designed the Audi TDI is very
> activly working on a small TWO STROKE diesel engine. It may
> be many years before it becomes a production engine in
> Europe, possibly for samll commuters, or a "range extender"
> engine for hybrid electrics.
> Alan

Wow, that would be a really cool thing.  A two-stroke diesel!  Best of 
both worlds!  Gear it up with a CV transmission and watch 'em go.  And 
with the right engineering for emissions, probably a good engine for 
developing countries where kerosene is easily obtained than gasoline.  
It's so simple somebody HAS to make it work...