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Re: NE Outing August 18th

     I am very busy and am low on funds right now(wedding planning) so I 
     won't know until the last minute if I will be attending.  If I do I 
     will make sure to bring some food tho.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: NE Outing August 18th
Author:  "Paul C. Waterloo" <74543.407@CompuServe.COM> at Internet
Date:    8/6/96 10:10 PM

So far the turnout seems to be good, here's the current count (I know there's 
more of you out there):
Paul Waterloo	1?	91 200 q
Jonathan Fenton	1	'93 S4sIA3
 yzin28		?	?
 Shef Corey	1	5KSQ
Chris Gharibo	2	?
Nicholas Pinto	3	93 S4
Donald Eastlake	2	?
Lorens Kulla	2	91 200 q
Bob D'Amato	1	URQ?? I hope, I want to see one of these things! 
Andrew L. Duane	2	90 Coupe or 92 100 with oxidized paint! 
Benny Chong	1	?
Ian Duff		0	Spirit only, wife having baby at that time
Dorab			?
Doug Haley		S4
Alan Tackman		?
Mike Aiello		87 5KSQT
Jon Linkov		96 A4Q
Chris Semple		?
Angelo Alexopoulos		83 Urq
John W. Seitz		86-4000cs-quattro
Chris aka LEMONHEAD	1988 90
John Russell		?
Osman			Hopefully old man's 200
Sabutin			?
Tim			90 CQ or 77 Spitfire
If any of you hopefulls are going, or if anybody who hasn't emailed me 
previously is thinking of going, please email me. 
I will get a head count and we can put together some "POT LUCK" (hopefully will 
have some GORMET STUFF TOO) so we can share, or at least those who want to.
I'm going to get there by 11:30 or so, let's plan on being at the outfield at 
Limerock at 12 Noon. We'll eat around 12:45 -1:15. 
I'm going to show you guys/gals a Zymol detailing on paint. If you have an 
oxidized car (or one that just shine like it use to), clean it really well 
before you go and we'll do a panel. You won't believe it. But then you'll have 
to go buy some stuff, and it isn't cheap as regular cleaner/wax, but it is much 
better. No monetary interest, just sharing a secret.
91 200 q
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