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Re: Air filter nightmare!

You have just outlined the way I always do it. It is cramped in there, 
but there is just enough space to pull the filter out and put a new one 
in. Just be patient. You may want you use a small extention like a screw 
driver to unclip the bottop latches.
There maybe a better way, but it takes me under five minutes, so I'm 
perfectly satisfied.


On Wed, 7 Aug 1996, Anderson, Scott (CCI IT) wrote:

> Okay, just how the hell are you supposed to change the air filter in a
> '91 200?!?  I can see the clips on the sides of the air filter housing,
> but there is a lot of other turbo stuff in the way which prevents me
> from being able to get my hand down in there to unclip or reclip them. 
> If I were to undo the clips, it doesn't look like there is any room to
> move the housing away from the mount in order to get the filter in/out. 
> I'm sure people change these things all the time, but how do they do it?
> One of the great Audi mysteries.  There must be an easier way.  Any
> ideas?
> Scott
> Silver '91 200 with 30,000 miles on air filter!