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RE: Correct K&N part number for 91 200Q

I think we're safe w/regards to the price if asking for a VW filter
instead. It seems to me that that type of gouging is dealerspecific.

peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa

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From:        	Mike Miller (Volt Comp) (Exchange) 
Sent:         	Wednesday, August 07, 1996 1:33 PM
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Subject:   	Correct K&N part number for 91 200Q

After talking with K&N customer service, we have determined that the
correct part number for the K&N airfilter is 33-2029. The part number in
the K&N, and probably most other parts, catalogs is incorrect. This is
K&Ns number 5 best selling filter and works in a variety of applications
including VW golf, jetta, corrado as well as the 92 S4. The Audi
airfilter number this replaces is 859.129.620 which has been superceded
by 191.129.620. The K&N is about 1/2 the thickness of the stock one. I
wonder if one would get quoted the same price if you asked for an
airfilter for a VW golf vs the  92 S4.
FYI - there is a 2 week backlog at K&N for these

91 200Q