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Re: K&N for 200q

the '91 200q air filter is rectangular.  don't know the shape of the 5kcstq
air filters, but when i first ordered my K&N, i got a square one, designed
for "earlier" cars, whatever that means.  


At 11:36 PM 8/6/96 -0400, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
>Before you go blaming Imparts for their stupidity, the K&N catalogue does 
>indeed list this same part number for almost all of the 5000 model cars 
>from the beginning until '92 or so.  This includes the 20V '91 200 TQ.  
>The price is somewhere around $45 or so plus shipping.  I haven't been 
>able to verify that this part number fits the 20V 200, but I have put at 
>least 4 of these into '86 5KCSTQs.
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