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Trim Posts (and other requests/?'s)

Hello All:

After returning from a chilly summer in SF where I did not get my 80/90
Registry off the ground, I have found the time to post again.

1.  I have been guilty of some pretty inept posts (remember the Tornado?),
but I have to make a request now:   TRIM YOUR POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In
the Digest it is especially troublesome to see messages that take up
one-fourth of the content by REPEATING THE WHOLE DIGEST!  Just put in
enough info to identify the primary post and snip it, don't just hit reply
and send it w/o thinking.

2.  What is a good price to ask for a '90 80Q with 102K that is in very
fine shape?  I see prices all over the spectrum in SoCal, ranging from 3.5k
to 10.5k on any given day.

3.  I have again renewed my quest for a new ride (the kind with an engine,
smartass), and have looked at an A6QW and a Volvo TW, and further have
considered a used 200TQW if in good shape.  The question is:  Will there be
an A6TQW?  You guys always know this stuff in advance, so hook me up.

Thanks and good to see the banter continues.