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Verdict is in: Coupe GT leaves me stranded for the 1st time

Thank you all for your responses.  I was quite impressed with the number of
responses and all of your offers for assistance!  

The verdict is:  a bad fuel pump relay:  $60 parts, $90 labor (1.5 hrs)
Sounds like a lot for labor.  Can anyone verify this?

>Does anyone have an idea on what the problem could be?  After running for 30
>seconds it stalled.  Thenk, it wouldn't start again.  The started motor
>cranked but it wouldn't turn over.  I waited 10 minutes.  It started and I
>drove a half a mile and then it stalled again.  It turned over then but
>stalled right away and that was it.  I tried several more times and either
>it would crank and stall right away or it just cranked.  Help!!  Thanks.  glenn