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RE: Ignition Stays On

I seem to remember that the ignition switch has been replaced on my 91
200 at some point in it's life (previous owner's records) too. Might
just be one of those things.

peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa

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When this happened to my Audi '91 200 TQW, we found that the ignition
switch had 
broken -- you could move the key in the switch, but it was no longer
anything. It was a three day process and started with the car being hard
start - I could not get the switch over to start mode the first few
tries but 
then it started. The second day, it would not start at all and I had to
start it (I did not know it at the time but the key would simply not
take the 
switch to start mode) The final day, the car would not turn off. I
killed the 
engine by popping the clutch but, the panel stayed lit and would not
turn off. 
At that juncture, you could move the key wherever you wanted, but it had
effect on the switch. I disconnect the battery and AAA took the car to
mechanic in the morning. So, either you have the relay problem Rich has 
mentioned (a less expensive alternative) or your ignition switch is on
the way 
out (a bit pricey). GJ