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RE: Help! Brake Dust

> I hear that P21S is the holy grail of wheel cleaning, but it's also
> pretty pricey. I use Simple Green - spray it on the whole wheel, leave
> it for 30sec or so and then hose it off with as much force as possible.
> Then, having "wire" wheels, I spray it on about 1/4 of the wheel at a
> time and clean that section thoroughly. I have to say that if I just do
> the first part and then dry the wheel off with a cloth, it looks
> passable for a while longer.

Definitely agreed on both counts Peter ...

BMW sells a wheel cleaner that is very similar to P21S which works very 
well, but seems to discolor the wheel over time (experience on cast motor-
cycle wheels).  I've had good luck with simple green as well.  I found 
some stuff at COSTCO called Grease Eater which I used to clean up a few
sets of Audi wheels not too long ago.  This stuff worked about as well 
as the BMW stuff, but it doesn't tend to yellow the finish.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)