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Re: Audi Special Tools

Sounds good to me, Steve.  In my experience, the members of this group are a
trustworthy and very helpful lot.  I suppose there are always exceptions,
but I haven't encountered any yet.

I should point out, however, that I don't have a lot of special tools and
would likely be a beneficiary and not a great source for such an
arrangement.  Of course it sounds good to me.

At 03:51 PM 8/8/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I just got a tool box for all the special tools I have gotten in the last few
>years.  I was looking the my 5k rack seal tool (used once) and wondered if
>others might be interested in starting some arrangement where other listers
>can use things like strut tools, crank pulley bolt tools, etc. without having
>to incur the expense of buying them for only one or two uses.   We could make
>a list of who has what tools, and conditions of use, etc.  Maybe buy some of
>the pricier tools and splitting the cost through the group.  I know there are
>a bunch of potential problems, but alot of benefits also.

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