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Re: Help: Coupe GT leaves me stranded for the 1st time

Glenn Kaufman wrote:
> In 10 yrs, this is the first time the Coupe left me stranded.
> After running for 30
> seconds it stalled.  Thenk, it wouldn't start again.  The started motor
> cranked but it wouldn't turn over.  I waited 10 minutes.  It started and I
> drove a half a mile and then it stalled again.  

It sounds like the fuel pump isn't supplying pressure.  

Could be it isn't receiving fuel.  I think (if I remember), your car 
has a small fuel filter just downstream of the tank.  If this is 
clogged, the FP can't get fuel to pressurize.  It is tough to remove 
yourself, unless you like swimming in gasoline, if the tank isn't 

Otherwise, the pump itself or fuel filter are immediate suspects.  How 
long have you gone with the same fuel filter?  If it's a long time, I'd 
try that first (cheapest), unless the pump is making strange noises 
(i.e., changing pitch while the car runs...it can alternate in its normal 
hum/click sound and go higher, then back to lower, when it's ready to 

Even if the pump is making some slightly strange sounds, if you've gone 
on the same filter for a long time I'd suggest changing it first.  It's 
not expensive to buy or to install.  The pump, on the other hand, 
is considerably more.