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Re: s4 upgrades

>       I am presently considering upgrading my 93 s4.My plans
>are:(1)changing the turbo wastegate spring along with the engine management
>computer chip.(2)Installing a new suspension spring package that will
>effectively lower the car by one inch.The first quote that i have received
>is $1800cdn (1300us) for the turbo & chip.The springs will cost another

According to Ned of Intended Acceleration "DO NOT change the wastegate
spring, it will compromise safety!!" The ECU upgrade is all that is necessary
due to key design changes which were introduced with the 20V turbos in 1991.
See my post arround 2 weeks ago re S4 mods, which describes the three main
options. It'll be in the archives.
In a nutshell, you get more with IA by a small bit (and +$400. over Hoppen),
but his ECU is further upgradeable if you decide to upgrade exhaust manifold
or  turbo.

I've been told that modifying the suspension should be done by real AUDI
humanoids, and don't just do springs. John Buffam says beware, Hoppen does
have a package, but I'd post to STEADIRIC@aol.com, our local suspension guru
(and if the '97 monthly cash flow Gods are good to me, then me too, please,
Frighteningly nauseating body wobble&roll on those sudden animal avoidance
manuevers, eh?


Jonathan Fenton
Montpelier, VT
'93 S4sIA3