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Re: crash data

Lee wrote:
> Bruce wrote:
> > If you review the real world crash data, you will see that the 240
> > pretty well stands alone in occupant fatalities.
> Um, yes. I think the numbers state that in the last 5 years or so,
> *nobody* died in a 240...or something similar (I'm doing this from
> memory).

aha, yes!!!! but the number _I_ want to see is the number of accidents
_caused_ by ovloV drivers with the "I'm invincible, I drive an ovloV"


  watch carefully for the next few weeks and pay particular attention
  to the man(o)euvers of ovloV drivers, I think you'll be amazed when
  you compare them to the other driver population.
> *But* the 240 real world statistics represent a blend of automotive
> construction and design, and the manner in which they're driven. In other
> words, people that drive 240s will take fewer chances than those that
I'd really have to disagree with that one. They may have mentally convinced
themselves that they're taking fewer chances. You've really got to come
to Seattle and visit the Ballard neighborhood (lots of Scandahoovians),
where the local TV comedy show refers to a seatbelt dangling from the
door of an ovloV as a "Ballard Turn Signal".

On a recent Car Talk, a listener was taking Click and Clack to task on
a call they took regarding a woman's daughter and her ovloV wagon. THis
listener disagreed with their advice that the ovloV was safe, etc. and
that because this daughter has had several accidents, this listener
recommended (somewhat tongue in cheek) that ovloVs were disrupting
natural selection.

The listener recommended the mandatory installation of sharp pointy
objects in the vehicles of people who are shown to cause accidents.
In addition, they should also be forced to drive in cracker-boxes were
they will soon meet their rightful demise and not contribute to the
gene pool (hastily summarized by me).

amen, sister!! maybe they should be forced to ride mopeds

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 the smaller ones of Italy." (Ferdinand Piech)