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Seattle=Audi Heaven

Just got back from a short trip to the Seattle area (Bellevue to be exact)
and, gee, I've never seen so many Audis (and Subarus)!  Being from Los
Angeles, Audis (and Subarus) are a rare sight but they are everywhere up
there.  I only saw one black Coupe Quattro driving around Seattle and one
blue 20V 90 parked along Pike Place (if the owners are on the list--awesome
cars, guys!).  Made me miss my Coupe GT waiting at home.  My friends from up
there are oblivious to Audis.  I guess they see so many that they no longer
turn heads.  (What do they know-- they drive Hondas.)  I think I need to move
to Seattle to be with my people!  BTW if any of you up in Seattle saw a light
blue Laforza driving around, that was us.  Now that car (Laforza) is a head
turner.  Nobody knows what it is.  Most people who had the guts to talk to us
thought it was a new Range Rover.

Jesse Almero, Jr.
Torrance,  CA
'86 GT Coupe