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Hot wires

Next time yer out there where that 89 200 is, can ya see if it has the two
plug setup to the AC evaporator electronic control  dude. That thingy thet
is under the plastic shroud that is always the first thing snagged inna

 I need the 2 plugs with about 5 inches of wire. Mine had been cut/pasted
and developed high resistance points where the wiring is beginning to
crystallize. When my blower 'shutdown' last night, 'ah figgured ah had me a
problum... Got it cobbled back together, but ah wants to do it right!
Earlier models had the single long plug in connector - not sure whether this
occured in 85 or 86.

Anybody else know where theres a donor 86/87 or later to get these connectors???
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