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Re: turn-signal, temp guage, and oil pres. warning probs

On  7 Aug 96 at 10:29, Sam Nicholls wrote:

> My '86 4000S has an intermittent turn-signal failure.  When the problem
> happens, if I try to activate either the left or right turn-signal,
> the dashboard turn-signal indicator stays lit (doesn't blink) and
> none of the external turn-signals light up.  Also, activating the
> hazard switch doesn't do anything.
There are plenty of things to check, and I'll let others jump in re: 
those other things.  My first thought, though, is to check the 
turn-signal (t-s) sockets for corrosion.  I have a similar problem on 
my '85 5ks due to a thoroughly corroded right front t-s socket.  I 
ordered one from Carlsen and, assuming Linda's shipping me the right 
part, it's only costing me $2 plus S&H - and from an Audi dealer, 


   '85 Audi 5000s   '72 Suzuki GT380
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