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re: need help on 93 100S

Seung writes:
>HELP! My house guest washed my car today. As I was mowing the lawn I 
>spotted him hosing water into the exhaust pipe, I was like, "What are you 

must be *really* boring in Md if your guests have nothing else to do but wash
your car! :)

> And when I finished I saw him hosing down the engine. 

>Tonight as I was driving the car around town, I noticed the car idles 
>rougher and is really really hesistant! Did he screw up my car? Would 
>hosing down the engine and the exhaust do that to a car? She ran so 
>smoothly and quietly until this happened! What to do? Do I have to kill 
>this guy or what?

Sounds like you ended up with water in your distributor cap maybe. Try opening
up the cap and drying everything off. Since a few companies sell de-greasing
chemicals which are designed to be sprayed onto your engine and then hosed off,
I don't think that hosing down a motor would damage it. I de-greased my Toyota
Mr2's engine a few years back, and as per directions, I wrapped up the
distributor cap with plastic and tried to avoid electrics with the water spray. 
After wards I had a rough-idle condition. This turned out to be a loose vacuum
   BTW the loose vacuum hose diagnosis was courtesy of a mechanic who came into
the place I was working towing a 968 in full racing regalia. I don't know what
class or anything else about racing, but he found that loose hose in about 10
secs. I spent hours pondering what the heck I had done wrong. :)
                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q
                                Albany NY