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Re: Injection Brain Information Needed...

In a message dated 96-08-02 15:55:15 EDT, you write:

>Both boxes have the Bosch number of 0 280 8000 140, and VW/AUDI number of
> 811 906 264 A.  The GTi box has the oval-number of 810, while the AUDI has
>the oval-number of 078.
> Any ideas?  No one, including the area dealerships have a clue.  Should I
>risk it and connect it and see what happens?  Any information would be
>greatly appreciated.

David, If your Bosch numbers match, you're OK. Same application for different
vehicles. Plug 'n' play!

-Chris Semple
Concord, NH
     '87 4000csq
          '84 4000sq
               '83 TQC