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Try either the sender or the gauge ground.

Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black

Home: New Bedford, MA, USA
Work: Charter Systems, Inc., Waltham, MA, USA

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>Sent: 	Wednesday, 07 August, 1996 06:12 PM
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>Subject: 	1990 QC20V TEMP GAUGE
>I should probably check the archives because I'm sure this has been 
>discussed before, but I am in a hurry so I will just ask.  Has anyone 
>experienced a faulty engine Temp gauge in the 90QC20v, I know my dads
>90q has a similar problem that he has not figured out.  Most of the
>it reads 0 but every once in a while it will move just a little bit, I 
>know she is running hotter than that, but how hot that is the question?
>		any suggestions, thanks, Dax