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Re: Crash Test Dummy

On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, Sabutin wrote:

> On Aug 10, 1996 15:57:07, 'Trisha Bethen <trishab@mv.mv.com>' wrote: 
> .......it started when they fell  
> >asleep on a really horribly boring stretch of Rt. 89 in Enfield , NH and  
> >driving son....Raymond dozed off while passenger son, Stephen was  
> >asleep......they were driving at 75 mph.....cruise control was  
> >set....when Raymond realized he was off the road....he used all the  
> >skills he had learned about being involved in racing.....drove it  
> >out....app. 450 feet....missing sign posts, rock cliffs, etc....and was  
> >bringing it back onto the road when the left rear wheel hit a 5" or  
> >better pot hole rather hard and broke the axle....which launched the  
> >car.....when they came to rest in the median strip....both boys were  
> >awake....Raymond bleeding from a 6 inch gash in his head  
> >....congratulated by the police for his fantastic  
> >driving....if it hadn't been for the pothole we would have been none the  
> >wiser.... 
> --I am happy to hear your sons survived w/ minor damage. But CONGRATULATED
> by the police for his fantastic driving??? I don't care if you ARE driving
> a Sherman tank, really...it is INEXCUSEABLE to fall asleep behind the
> wheel. Ought to be treated the same as DUI. What if he took out some poor
> traveling family on the "really horribly boring strech" of road? And how
> can you possibly be bored driving a great car, anyway?  
> Again, I am glad for their good luck. Just had to comment on the implied
> approval...great driver, my ass. 
> Sabutin
Look, jerk, if he didn't do some great driving at the time of the 
accident he would be dead and so would his brother.......now let me 
explain WHY the cops were pleased with him.....

That section of Rt. 89 is known as Hypnosis Hwy.........9 out of 10 
drivers find themselves getting sleepy there....little traffic, little 
change in scenery......if you are at all the least bit tired....I don't 
mean dog tired.....like the tired after a long day or early in the 
morning as the sun comes up heading for that importnat meeting type 
tired.....you find yourself getting hypnotized.......The cops have been 
lobbying the state in that town to put in rumble strips on each side of 
each of the major lanes of the highway......however, the ass---- in the 
state house won't appropriate the money.....That section has more 
rollovers per capita than any other section of highway in New 
England!!!!!  So, maybe you should rethink your position.  BTW, I'm not 
proud of the fact he fell asleep, I AM proud of the fact that he was able 
to work his ass off to try to save the situation he got into.....and 
believe me, he will pay for it the rest of his life......yes, I did take 
offense to your rather brash, unthinking comment.