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'86 5000S HVAC without a clue...

Thx to Eric Fletcher and Robert Meyers I'm on the road to fixing my brake 
problem, it's the bomb.

Now to try and keep cool in the summer.... I replaced the blower motor, as it 
died a slow death and refused to keep blowing (removing/replacing the dash is 
soooo much fun, isn't it :-)).  The clutch on the compressor is going, and I 
have a rebuilt one that will go on next w/e (I'll have whatever freon is left 
in the system evacuated by the shop that I'll use to charge it later).... 

I have an early '86 and the darn automatic controls seem to want to blow out of 
the front vents for a bit, and then switch to the defroster vents, and 
sometimes to the floor, and sometimes the compressor is asked to make cold air, 
and sometimes it doesn't get asked to make cold air (not that the cold air is 
much more than cool at this point) without me touching a button.  

Some of the vacuum hoses seem to be frayed (I installed the 'upgrade oil 
catcher' thing for the vacuum lines, and it has some oil in it now), but is 
there a controller that is going bad (common??) that I can work on? Or am I 
looking in the wrong place?


David Rothenberg
'86 500S
'86 911
'89 944S2
cat, dog, S.O.