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Re: Some Info?

..>I have a difficult decision to make.  My '88 90q is getting a little
..>expensive to run as a high mileage business car as it now has 150k miles on
..>it.  I therefore want to put it into semi retirement by buying another car
..>to take some of the load of it.  My problem is that I cant make my mind up
..>between an S2 or a Ur-Q.  Any of you who have one or the other (or both)
..>want to give me your ideas or suggestions?
..>Also, is there anybody out there who can give me a definative life story on
..>the Ur-Q in UK spec?  I know its launch and retirement dates and that it
..>finished life as a 20v with a digital dashboard and FF Sunroof, but thats
..>about it.  Anybody able to give me some of its changes with dates, so I
..>know what years I want to look at?
..>Ian Gregory                                       MicroStar Communications Ltd
..>Technical Director                                          P.O.Box 233
..>                                                             Nottingham
..>'88 90q                                                       England
..>                                                              NG8 6HD


as i have both an s2 (1993) and an ur-quattro (1990), i can be completely unequivocal about which is the preferred option....


if you like driving and getting "involved" in driving the ur-quattro is the one.  the handling is excellent, steering first class, balance exceptional and performance more than adequate.  the addition of the 20v turbo and torsen diff and the better brakes make the last model of the quattro the best.  my 1990 ur-q is a significantly better car than my old 1985 10v one, and makes my s2 look a bit soft.

the s2 on the other hand is as fast as the ur-q, much more comfortable, much quieter, more civilised and by far the preferred car when you don't want to *drive* anywhere, but want to get from a to b fast, with a minimum of fuss and drama.  the build quality, while good (much better than bmw), is not up to that of the ur-quattro, although the interior ergonomics are significantly better. women also like it better than the ur-q (it's the shape)....

so in summary, for the "b" road trash where you want to really drive, the ur-quattro will deliver what very few cars can, getting you fully involved in the experience at the same time as cushioning you with the legendary quattro performance/safety envelope.  you will finish the drive with an ear to ear grin, and want to do it all over again.  it's a car to keep, not to own.

for daily transport in a fast, civilised package, for a car with no hassles of ownership, for a car to take to town, the s2 is it.  no question.  but the ur-q makes it look like an appliance.

btw, derek bell gave an excellent comparison of these two cars in british "car" magazine march 1990 i think (check the quattro web site for details, this will also give you information about books with the other information you are looking for).

hope this helps,
'93 s2
'90 ur-q