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Re: FS 1992 S4 & Export Information

I would stay away!  Even if they could easily sell the car for only
$28,000, it would be worth their while to pay you your $26K asking price,
ship it down there for $1K (my estimate) and have $1K profit!  I would
tell them that you would GLADLY take only $26K and let them KEEP the $6500
for themselves!  

> From: Timothy A. Wicks <75052.1503@CompuServe.COM>
> To: Quattro digest <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: Re: FS 1992 S4 & Export Information
> Date: Monday, August 12, 1996 6:55 PM
> On Sunday (8/11) I listed my 1992 S4 (Emerald/Ecru, 44K, exec. cond) in
> Minneapolis paper for $26K.  Today (8/12) got a call from a company in
FL called
> CarNet.
> Apparently S4's are high on CarNet's list of cars to be exported to
> Central/South America.  What CarNet does is asks me to pay $400 to put
an add
> for my S4 in their listing that goes directly to exporters.  They said
> average price for recent 1992 S4 sales was $32,700.  They said they
would put an
> add for my car in their listing for a $32,500 firm price.  Then
apparently one
> of these exporters will contact me directly to buy the car outright and
> export it to who knows where.  
> This seems like one of those "too good to be true, so it must be" type
> experiences.  Before this fool and his $400 were easily parted i told
them i
> wanted them to fax me references and information about their company.
> Has anyone else had such an experience?  Has anyone else tried to use an
> exporter to get an above U.S. market price for their car?  Anyone have
> thoughts on whether this CarNet company might be legitimate, or
suggestions for
> checking them out???
> Thank you, and BTW the car is still for sale!
> Tim Wicks
> St. Paul, MN