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S4 fan vs. CoupeQ fan...(also general mechanical question)

Hi guys (namely with S4's),

Have any of you S4 owners heard the fan go on after normal (non-heavy footed)
highway driving?? My Coupe's almost always goes on afterwards.

If this is normal, I guess I can attribute this to the larger engine bay in
the S4, vs. the cramped CoupeQ bay.

PS: Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on my current problem:
While trying to change the oil on my Chevy Caprice, I mistakenly tightened
the oil drain pan bolt just a quarter of a turn, which unfortunately stripped
something, and then the plug/bolt wouldn't unscrew from the hole. It rotates
freely in both directions, and even with vise-grips, you can't pull it
through the pan opening. The mechanic took a look at it, tried the same thing
that I did, but then said the there were two clasps/crimps that held a nut
behind the opening within the drain pan, and that's why they couldn't get the
bolt out either.

I asked whether they could drill it out, and they said that if they did that,
they would still have the nut in the block/oil pan, floating freely. To
replace the oil drain pan as per the mechanic would involve 3-6 hours just on
labour, plus the oil pan/gasket, and any parts they might break, including
removing the exhaust manifold, and front suspension parts. (I took a look at
it, and it would be a b**** of a job! You can't even see the oil pan bolts!!)

I'm going to call another mechanic tomorrow to see what he says...any ideas? 


Dorab (nivi@aol.com)