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Re: Coupe Repair

All of the front "Pieces" are mostly bolt on. Do you have a Bently or 
Haynes manual?  Its an involved process, especially to align the fenders 
and hood so you get all the right gaps between them. But removal and 
installation is just a matter of unbolting everything and bolting it 
back up. Use two people for the hood and front bumper assembly, they're
ackward and slightly heavy.  Three people for the hood would make it a 
snap, two to hold it open and one to attach it. Then remove the front
latch and pins untill you get it adjusted( your gonna open and close it 
a million times to adjust the gaps)  Also dont close it initionaly after 
setting it in the attachments. Pull it completly forward or up in the 
arms and snug up the fastners. it will chip the paint on the piece 
infront of the wiper arms!! Or bend the piece!!

The piece atop the bumper it called a "filler" Install it before you put 
on the bumper cover, cause the screws for it are behind the bumper and 
hard to reach while the bumper is on!!