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Re: V8 on A6?

	One shop in Thailand droped V8 into AUDI 100 2.3 with 6-speed
tranny. They claim 0-62 of 5.X sec. Forget about the warranty..!!
	Supercharge on  v6 2.8 ? this one is interesting because it is
lighter than the V8.
On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, Spencer Fung wrote:

> I just talked to a mechanic today and he suggested to put a used V8 on my 
> A6Q, what do you think?  Has anyone ever done this to a 100Q?  Does this 
> void the scheduled  maintanence or the rust-free warranty of the car?   The 
> alternative he gave me was to add a super-charge.  What does this do the 
> the limited warranty?
> Spencer Fung
> sfung@lynx.neu.edu