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Re: Body Panel replacement on Coupe GT

Hairy green toads from Mars made Andrew J. Speer say:

> Hey guys,
> I recently had a minor altercation with the rear end of a Mazda 626.  To
> make a long story short I need to replace the front bumper, hood, right
> front fender, and the front metal strip that goes behind the grille
> (whatever that's called).  The right subframe is o.k.  I have located a
> donor car.  My question:  Is this mostly bolt-on work? In other words, can I
> take these parts off without having to disconnect anything major in the
> engine bay?  Is it a relatively simple operation, or should I budget a
> couple of days to get the work done?  I'd really appreciate any advice.

I don't know about the fender (I assume you mean the quarter panel
that has the front wheel well in it), but the rest of the parts just
bolted on in a few minutes on my 100Q.

A Bentley's will help with the bumper/grill, but is not indispensable.
The rest is pretty straightforward: unbolt what looks like it oughta
be unbolted.


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