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Re: UK quattro Owners Club - Contacts

Steve & Phil,

Wow, there must be some telepathy happening. I was just thinking of
sending out some feelers to the net about finding if ur-quattro owners are
interested in joining the QOC UK too.

>I don't know.  I'll get in touch with the membership secretary and 
>and we'll work out a price.

I have been in touch with John Gittens about joining the QOC UK. The quote
I have gotten was 30 pounds sterling. I have found a bank locally which
will cut a check for an $8US service charge. I was rounding up the funds 
Thompson Smith, Ben Howell and myself, getting a cashiers check printed
and becoming members. BTW there are no members from the US at this point,
so a group of us could become the first wave from the US/CA. I will volunter
for the financial mail-point, or if someone else is interested, you are more 
welcome to organize it.

>> I am also involved with the Quattro Club USA as a regional coordianator.
>> Has anyone from QCUSA approached you about affiliation of the two clubs?
>No, but it seems a sensible idea.  Our next committee meeting is in 

I was thinking more along the lines of the TQC Registry becoming friends
with the QOC UK.

>> If there is no interest in doing so, I'd like to talk about reducing the
>> mailing costs to members in the USA by duplicating it here and distribut-
>> ing it in the US.  I'd be surprised if there wasn't a lot of interest
>> expressed by urQ owners in the USA ...

>Why not?  There's quite a lot of material floating around here, albeit in
>hardcopy form.  We also have some members (e.g., David Sutton) who have
>impressive collections of hardware.  Michele Mouton drove David's "Pikes
>replica to a new course record at Goodwood a few weeks ago.  The Club is
>active - we had a 60' x 40' marquee at Silverstone two weekends ago, with a 

>selection of rally-winning quattros.  Audi lent us their World Championship
>A4Q for four days - I was surprised to find it in full race trim when it 

I was attempting to round up copies of the previous newsletters to form some
type of archive for this info. The US printing and distribution is a great 

Look forward to hearing from other ur-quattro owners interested in 
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
83 ur-quattro