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Re: Bumper cover

>On Mon, 12 Aug 1996 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

>> > Well, I decided I missed the sound and power I had on the 4kq with the 
>> > flowmaster and duals. I dont want to cut the one I have unless I have 
>> > anoher on hand. 
>> > Somebody should realy beat me into reality.
>> I find this interesting: You wouldn't cut up your front bumper cover so you
>> could mount all those Hella driving lights I found for you but you will cut
>> up your rear bumper cover in order to make room for dual exhausts ... and I
>> thought I was the only nut around here!  ;^)

Bob responded:

>So what are you gettng at? :) I wont cut the rear either..unless I have 
>another one. If/when I find a front one, Ill permanently mount the 
>lights.  But I must say, the removable light bracket I made works really 
>well :)

This may be a dumb question, but what purpose would a removable light bracket
serve? When you mount something like driving lights, wouldn't you want them to
be permanent? Are you switching them between cars or something like that? A few
years back I mounted some driving lights (bosch I think) on my little Honda.
The car died a few months later (or so I thought, but now it runs again two
years later.. go figure) and I removed the lights, leaving some nasty bolt
holes in the fascia. But.. what's the point in a temp. mount?
Just asking because I'm curious?
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