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Re: Headlight upgrade harness - where?

In message <9608131407.AA15672@wvit.wvnet.edu> Robert Myers writes:

> The 100 watt high beams simply draw too much current and the wiring harness
> supplied simply cannot handle the current loads.  The sockets will slowly
> char and eventually burn up.  You will face a *continual* battle trying to
> keep your bloomin' lights running.  An absolute PITA!

You guys have it bad!  Is this why I continually see references to "Euro" 
lights on this and other lists?

I have 170/100 bulbs in my main headlights.  The bulbs have the spade 
connectors formed on their bases, and plug into flying ceramic sockets.  The 
wiring loom is non-standard and plugs directly into the alternator, with the 
original connector for the rest of the car's electrics piggybacking on the 
lighting loom's connector.  One of the stock headlamp connectors (also 
originally ceramic) is used to control the relays.

The relays are mounted in the shrouded area in front of the main radiator.

This whole arrangement gives me more light but doesn't spoil the aesthetics of 
the car.  I don't like bolt-on lights - if they're low they get damaged, and if 
they're high they interfere with cooling and other airflows.  Plus they're a 
danger to pedestrians.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club