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Re: FS 1992 S4 & Export Information

Same thing happened to me when I put my Lebaron Turbo in the paper. Don't
remember the companies name but they were in Florida. Sold me the same line
of crap. After well-placed calls to the Fl. BBB, and Texas Atty. Gen.'s
office I decided against it.  I recommend you do the same.

BTW, if you'll wait until I close on my house Oct. 1, take my 80 as partial
payment maybe we can make a deal...

At 08:55 PM 8/12/96 EDT, you wrote:
>On Sunday (8/11) I listed my 1992 S4 (Emerald/Ecru, 44K, exec. cond) in the
>Minneapolis paper for $26K.  Today (8/12) got a call from a company in FL
>thoughts on whether this CarNet company might be legitimate, or suggestions for
>checking them out???
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