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Re: Headlight upgrade harness - where?

>BTDT.  :-(  Don't do it, Tom.  
>The 100 watt high beams simply draw too much current and the wiring harness
>supplied simply cannot handle the current loads.  The sockets will slowly
>char and eventually burn up.  You will face a *continual* battle trying to
>keep your bloomin' lights running.  An absolute PITA!

Hi Bob,

	I had the problem of lights going on and off all by themselves until I
re-crimped all the connectors. I've been running the my original set of big
watt bulbs and harness for over three years now with no problems...I thought I
had the 80/130 bulbs, but rechecked the boxes and they are the 55/100's. I
think the 80/130's will melt the plastic headlight housings.



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