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RE: flat P-700Zs/flat rims

I think I would persue some new wheels at their expense.
I've been successfull with this when I had the same type of damage done when mounting new sneakers.
I complained - they bought me new wheels - 15x8 ur-q Ronal R8s - at dealer price$ no le$$!
Don't give up and fall over,


My rims are cursed. Summer starts with one bent rim, now repaired. Then I
go to pick up my newly mounted Squarellis P700Z's and one of the outer rim
edges has been gouged to allll HELL. Also both rims have claw marks on the
inside rim surface.

Guy nonchalantly said: " Oh, the machine does that!!!!"

They've tackled the rims with BFG Comp T/A Z's fine 3 times. The third was
when they repaired the bent rim. Guess 3 strikes and I'm out.

Be going back to see how they have sanded the gouge down. B*St*rds.

And I was going to let them do my front wheel align with extra neg. camber. NOT!

Everybody say a little prayer for my poor rims. I didn't want the rims
lightened this way. Honest.

Not having a good day.