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Re: Frost Plug Removal and Iron worm

>     Don't you mean Freeze plugs?  Hit them with a punch on the one side to 
>     rotate them out.  Heat will help loosen them up.  I would then get the 
>     whole block dipped so rust is removed inside and out.
>     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

Hi Tim,

	They are actually casting plugs; they have been called "freeze plugs"
since forever, but if you depend on them, no matter what you call 'em, to save
your under-antifreeze protected engine you'll be sorely disappointed; they don't
work. Especially, if they have any corrosion around their mating surfaces;
you'll crack the block before they budge. It is a good idea to replace them
when they start to leak, because they will compromise your cooling system and
waste that precious P-free:-)

				Happy motoring,


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